Plant A Variety Of Veggies In Your Garden

by Volkan Özkesici on Apr 29, 2022

Plant A Variety Of Veggies In Your Garden

We all want to provide the absolute best to our families and loved ones. Providing healthy meals to them is our first concern. But when it comes to the quality of the vegetables, we often become sceptical. Do you wonder about the quality of the food you eat? Do you wonder if the veggies you eat are organic or not? Is the concern is stopping you from having a healthy, wholesome diet as you prefer? If yes, then buddy, you're at the right place. What if I say you can now start growing vegetables in your own backyard/garden. You may find it arduous at the start, but once you get the hang of it, you will see yourself with a vegetable garden.  


It will give you the advantage of getting a hand on vegetables that are even hard to find at times. Vegetables like Green Romaine Lettuce, Florence Fennel, Spring Onion, Red Strawberry Corn, and many more vegetables are sometimes even hard to find. A great place to look out for all these various vegetables can be PLANT-MY-SEEDS


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How To Grow Vegetable At Home?

  1. Begin by hydrating the soil and filling it with the seeds beginning trays or pots.
  2. It would help if you now started planting the seeds in the topmost layer of soil.
  3. Next, while seeds are germinating, make sure you cover them. It will help in the maintenance of the humidity level.
  4. After the seed has sprouted, remove the humidifier and set it under grow lights.
  5. You may continue to change the height of the lights as needed. Don't forget to water them when their plants need it.


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Plant A Variety Of Veggies In Your Garden

The best part of growing vegetables is planting essential vegetables that you require in your day-to-day meals. You can also try and experiment if you want to cultivate any new vegetable that is not readily available to you. 


Spring Onions

Spring Onions is also known as Scallions. They have a milder taste than your regular onions. These are a great addition to grow in your gardening place, as they enhance the flavour of the food beautifully. It is used as an ingredient in many dishes. When choosing the spring onion seeds, you should always check their quality. To get the best quality spring onions seeds, you should buy them from plant-my-seeds.com.


Golden Beetroot 

Golden beets are slightly less in sweet content than the red beets. These gold-coloured beets are mellower. Both golden and red beetroots are high in nutritional value. It will be a great addition to the vegetable picks. When picking the Golden Beetroot seeds, you should always get them from an authorized seller. To get the finest grade Golden Beetroot seeds, you should purchase them from plant-my-seeds.com.


Green Bell Pepper 

Green Bell Pepper is an absolute must-have. It adds great taste to the dish and helps in maintaining the fresh earthy taste. They are not just highly nutritious. It also helps in curing deficiencies like anaemia. It also helps the body to absorb iron more effectively. When buying the Green Bell Pepper seeds, make sure to get the best quality seeds from plant-my-seeds.com.


The Kelsae Giant Onion

If you're looking for experimenting with new things, you should try The Kelsae Giant Onion. It has a unique mild-sweet flavour to it. Also, it holds the Guinness World record for being the most giant onion in the World at nearly 15 lb 5.5 oz and 33 inches diameter. You can purchase fresh and organic Kelsae Giant Onion seeds directly from plant-my-seeds.com.


Red Strawberry Corn 

Strawberry corn is a ruby-red popcorn that can be consumed and used for decoration. You can directly pop them and eat or simply use them for colouring. Strawberry Corn plants attain a height of 4 feet and a width of 8-12 inches on average. They are easily available on plant-my-seeds.


Purple Cauliflower 

The antioxidant content of purple cauliflower is greater than that of regular white cauliflower. The purple colour comes from the antioxidant anthocyanin. It has a nuttier, sweeter flavour than white cauliflower and lacks the mild harshness that white cauliflower might have at times. To get these Purple cauliflower seeds, all you have to do is to order them from plant-my-seeds.com.


How to Take Care of Vegetable Seedlings?


One of the best feelings for gardening enthusiasts is to watch the seedling grow from their sowed seeds. It is a feeling of immense pleasure. Now, you need to plant to mature and blossom over time, providing fruitful results. While you wait, make sure to nurture the plant and do the essential as per the requirement of the plant. Things you must keep in mind while taking care of your seedling: 

Ample Light

Light is one essential requirement for the newly emerged seedling to grow. It is required for them to intake as much direct sunlight as possible. Let them have ample light exposure. If you have planted in a small pot, then you can also change its direction as per the light. If you can not provide the plants with direct sunlight, get your plants an artificial light. This process will help the plants grow effectively and keep up with the nutritious quotient.


Hydrate Seedlings

It's required for you to keep the seedling moist and hydrated. Keep watering the seedlings now and then. Excessively wet soil fosters the growth of the damping-off disease. Allow the soil to dry out a little before watering it. If you are wondering how you should water it, most people prefer to water from the bottom up. You can fill the halfway seed tray with water, which gets absorbed because of the hole at the bottom of the tray. 


Thin Seedlings 

Avoid overcrowding seedlings as this may lead to the seedlings not getting ample sunlight or nutrients as required by them. Because seedlings have such a high mortality rate, you might want to keep a few spares on hand for a while.


Feed Seedlings     

In the very beginning, the seedlings don't require the extra nutrients. It's because the combination that the seedling may require is already mixed with the soil while we first sow them. However, adding a small amount of liquid fertilizer to the water after a few days is beneficial. Although, you don't have to use the complete dosage of fertilizer. 

On observing the roots from the base of the pot, then you will be required to transplant your seedling outside, weather allowing. Keep in check if the temperature is chilly then, moisten the base of the tray, or you can add some soil to it. You may transfer the mixture to a larger container tray, which will support their expansion.


Defend Against Disease Dampening

Damping is a sickness that occurs in areas- that are cold, moist, rainy environments and not in much contact with direct sunlight. It is a white mold that grows on the soil's surface. It rapidly spreads throughout the soil, wilting the plant. If the disease's environment is eliminated, it will die. Plants, on the other hand, flourish in a variety of environments. You're more likely to avoid Damping Off Disease & the mould and fungus issues related to it if you provide perfect growing conditions for your plants.



Keep An Eye Out For Leggy Plants

When a seedling's primary stem or stalk gets tall and slender, it can no longer sustain the leaf structure. It is caused by a lack of sunshine and an atmosphere with no proper ventilation and is dark. They are not exposed to the effects of wind when they are indoors therefore they do not need to create structures to protect themselves.


Benefits Of Vegetable Seeds

You can differentiate between the quality and freshness of the vegetables. Isn't it a great pleasure to have your vegetable garden filled with nutrition and vegetables? You won't need to worry about the quality, and you will be astonished by the number of vegetables you can grow in small pots. In fact, why don't you start collecting the vegetable seeds you would want in your vegetable garden from Plants-my-seeds they have this wide range of premium vegetable seeds options.

On that note, let's list down some fascinating benefits of having your vegetable seed garden: 

Improve Your Well-Being

Eating fresh is one of the key goals and motivations for growing a vegetable garden. Not only the vegetables you will grow will be fresh, but will also be filled with nutrition as you won't add any harmful chemicals to them. It will be 100% organic. The vitamin content will be the highest as you've used the best quality products like top-notch quality seeds and soil. With your garden, you will be more enthusiastic to try new vegetables improving the health quotient. 

Good For Your Mental Health

Gardening helps you improve your mental health and provides you with a serene feeling. It is a simple task that helps you de-stress and work for the greater good at the same time. 

Learn With Fun

Gardening vegetables is an absolute fun session, where you learn and enjoy at the same time. You can also enjoy with your loved ones or kids, teach them. The experience with your loved ones will be more exciting when you see the fruitful results of your turmoil together.


It is needless to say, once you start growing the vegetable seeds yourself, you won't feel the need to buy them from other sources. Eventually, reduce your expenses, and you can spend it on other valuable stuff. 



Physical Activity 

Gardening is a physical activity where you'll enjoy a lot of digging, sowing, planting, and watering. All these activities need you, a lot of movement and will help you burn some calories. It is also a pretty good cerebral workout that keeps your mind sharp.

Takeaway Points

If you're looking for a sign to get yourself started with your vegetable garden, this is it. Make an initiative towards a healthy and refreshing way to live your life with your loved ones. You can grow those fresh luscious tomatoes, green kale leaves, cucumber, capsicum, and whatnot. So what are you waiting for? Eat fresh & stay healthy! 

You can find the premium quality of organic vegetable seeds at Plants-my-seeds. Also, their farming solution assists you in effectively growing a variety of crops while also ensuring high production and crop rotation for farms of varying specialities. They offer the best quality seeds of flowers, herbs, & fruits as well.