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Product description

An Overview of Double Red Morning Glory 

Double Red Morning Glory is a variety of morning glory plant that produces beautiful double blooms in a bright shade of red. The plant is native to tropical regions of the Americas and is commonly grown annually in temperate areas. It belongs to the Convolvulaceae family and is scientifically known as Ipomoea purpurea.

Red Morning Glory plants are fast-growing vines reaching 10 feet tall. The plant's foliage is heart-shaped, and the flowers bloom in summer. The plant produces showy, funnel-shaped blooms approximately 2-3 inches in diameter. The flower's petals are frilly and arranged in layers, giving the bloom a full and luscious appearance.

Morning Glory is a low-maintenance plant that can tolerate various growing conditions. It prefers total sun exposure and well-draining soil but can adapt to different soil types and moisture levels. The plant attracts pollinators such as hummingbirds and butterflies, making it a popular garden choice.

The seeds and leaves of the morning glory plant have been used in traditional medicine for their potential anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects. However, it's important to note that some species of morning glory contain toxic compounds, so it's essential to research and exercise caution when using the plant for medicinal purposes.

Double Red Morning Glory is a beautiful and easy-to-grow plant that can add color and visual interest to any garden or landscape.

What You'll Love

  • Its oddly ruffled and twisted red and white petals are cool
  • They are arranged to produce plump peonies that bloom from early summer until frost
  • Strong vines that easily grow up to 47 feet in one season
  • It grows beautifully in hanging baskets or on arches or trusses

Benefits of Double Red Morning Glory 

The Double Red Morning Glory is a variety of morning glory plant that produces stunning double blooms in a bright shade of red. Here are some of the benefits of growing Double Red Morning Glory plants:

  1. Aesthetically pleasing: The Double Red Morning Glory's vibrant red double blooms add color and visual interest to any garden or landscape.

  2. Low maintenance: Morning Glory plants are easy to grow and require minimal care. They can thrive in various growing conditions and tolerate some drought.

  3. Attract pollinators: The Double Red Morning Glory attracts hummingbirds and butterflies, which can help pollinate the garden.

  4. Medicinal properties: Some studies have shown that the seeds and leaves of the morning glory plant may have medicinal properties, including anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects.

  5. Versatility: Morning Glory plants can be grown in various settings, including garden beds, trellises, fences, and containers, making them a versatile choice for any landscape design.

How to Sow & Care Double Red Morning Glory

Red Morning glory plants are easy to grow and care for, making them popular for balconies, gardens, and landscaping. Here's how to sow and care for Double Red Morning Glory seeds:

Sowing of Double Red Morning Glory Seeds:

  • Choose a location with full sun exposure and well-draining soil.

  • To improve soil fertility, prepare the soil by removing any weeds, rocks, or debris and adding compost or other organic matter.

  • Sow the morning glory seeds directly into the soil in the spring after the last frost. Plant the seeds 0.5 to 1 cm deep and 15-30 cm apart.

  • Water the seeds lightly to avoid washing them away, and keep the soil moist but not waterlogged until the seeds germinate in about 7-14 days.

Caring of Double Red Morning Glory:

  • Once the Double Red Morning Glory plants have sprouted, water them regularly, keeping the soil moist but not waterlogged.

  • Provide support for climbing the Red Morning Glory vines by installing a trellis, fence, or other support structure.

  • Fertilize the plants with a balanced fertilizer once a month during the growing season to promote healthy growth and blooming.

  • Prune the morning glory plants as needed to keep them from becoming too bushy or overgrown and to encourage more blooms.

  • Watch out for pests and diseases, such as spider mites and fungal infections, and treat them promptly with appropriate methods.

Following these simple steps, you can sow and care for a mix of morning glory plants to create a beautiful and vibrant display in your garden or landscape.

Note: This Overview is intended as a guide only since cultural practices and climatic conditions may vary.


  • Product: Double Red Morning Glory Seeds
  • Season: Spring or early summer
  • USDA Zones: 2-11
  • Days to Harvest: 120 days
  • Soil Type: Well-drained soil
  • Temperature: 18° degrees Celsius
  • Scientific Name: Ipomoea
  • Kingdom: Plantae
  • Clade: Tracheophytes, Eudicots, Asterids
  • Order: Solanales
  • Family: Convolvulaceae
  • Genus: Ipomoea
  • Species: Purpurea

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