Herb Hyssop Blue Seeds
Herb Hyssop Blue Seeds

Herb Hyssop Blue Seeds

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200 Seeds
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Product description

Overview of Herb Hyssop Blue

The Blue Hyssop (Hyssopus officinalis ssp. aristadus) is one of the best Old World plants for attracting and feeding bees. A herb with aromatic foliage and bright blue flowers, it is a highlight of the midsummer garden. There is a tree in your garden that is 55cm high and has a bitter taste. 

More to love in Herb Hyssop Blue: 

  • You can harvest its young leaves and stems as needed
  • This plant features small, aromatic leaves and blue flowers
  • It is important not to wash the leaves, otherwise, the aromatic oils are lost
  • Grind the leaves before using them

Benefits of Herb Hyssop Blue

Hyssop is used for digestive and intestinal problems including liver and gallbladder conditions, intestinal pain, intestinal gas, colic, and loss of appetite. It is also used for respiratory problems including coughs, the common cold, respiratory infections, sore throat, and asthma. Hyssop is best used fresh, however, it can also be frozen or dried and stored in plastic bags. When the cuttings are dry, hang them upside down in small bundles in a well-ventilated, dark place. When the cuttings are dry, separate the leaves from the stems and store them whole.

How to sow and care for Herb Hyssop Blue Seeds

Hyssop grows best in full sun to partial shade, and in dry, well-drained soil. Make sure the soil is rich in organic matter, such as aged animal manure or compost, before you plant. Also, an organic fertilizer application might help lighten the hole prior to planting. Just beneath the surface of the soil, plant seeds indoors eight to ten weeks before the last frost. Keep them between 15 and 20 degrees Celsius. The seeds should germinate within a week or ten days. The following spring, transplant the plants after the last frost has passed. Separate the plants by one to two feet.

You must take good care of your hyssop plant. It is best to allow the soil to completely dry out between waterings before thoroughly moisturizing it. During the growing season, Hyssop plants can be trimmed to maintain a neat shape without pruning. During early spring, you should cut the plants back to the ground. Plants that are pruned to the first set of leaves after flowering will be more compact and flower better the following year. You can choose to prune or not.

Note: This Overview is intended as a guide only since cultural practices and climatic conditions may vary.


  • Sowing Time: Spring
  • Zones: 4 - 9
  • Water Tolerance: Low-Water
  • Mature Height: 30-60cm tall
  • Bloom Time: Summer
  • Temperature: 20 degrees Celcius
  • Kingdom: Plantae 
  • Clade: Tracheophytes, Angiosperms, Eudicots, Asterids 
  • Order: Lamiales 
  • Family: Lamiaceae 
  • Genus: Hyssopus 
  • Species: H. Officinalis
  • Uses: Beneficial Herb
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