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Autumn King 2 Carrot Seeds

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2000 Seeds
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Product description

Overview of Autumn King 2 Carrot

Carrots are biennial plants in the family Apiaceae, a class of umbellifer. In the beginning, it grows a rosette of leaves while building up an enlarged taproot. Cultivars that mature rapidly mature within three months of sowing the seeds (90 days), while cultivars that mature slowly mature after a month (120 days). In addition to high alpha- and beta-carotene levels, the roots are a good source of vitamin A, vitamin K, and vitamin B6.

More to love in Autumn King 2 Carrot: 

  • Carrots are known to be very healthy vegetables.
  • They provide the most nutrients out of all fruits and vegetables.
  • The vitamin A in it may be better absorbed when it is mixed with fat.
  • Carrots are widely used in many cuisines, especially in the preparation of salads.

Benefits of Autumn King 2 Carrot

Carrots are an excellent food for reducing fats, which are a source of health benefits. They are crunchy, tasty, and packed with nutrients. In addition to beta carotene, fibre, vitamins K1, potassium, and antioxidants, it also has a lot of vitamins and minerals. It improves your vision as well as strengthens your bones. 

How to sow and care for Autumn King 2 Carrot

You can grow Autumn King 2 Carrots from seeds, but make sure not to transplant them since they don't like transplanting. You should sow the seeds directly in the ground where they will grow. Sow one centimetre deep, five to ten centimetres apart, preferably in rows 30cm apart. To keep the soil moist, water your plants frequently with shallow waterings. Watering is crucial during germination. When the soil is saturated every one to three days, germination is most effective. However, you must avoid making the soil soggy to grow carrot autumn.

Carrots don't usually require too much attention. Remove all stones from the soil to prevent carrot roots from forking. It is recommended that carrots be mushed, but additional feedings are not usually necessary. Organic mulch such as compost or leaf mould blocks light and prevents plant tops from turning green. During dry weather, moisten the soil. The preservation of moisture and nutrients depends on keeping weeds under control. You will be harvesting the fresh and beautiful carrots in no time at all.

Note: This information is intended as a guide only since cultural practices and climatic conditions may vary.


  • Product type: Carrot Autumn King 2 Seed
  • USDA Zone: 3-10
  • Feature: Fast Growing
  • Soil: Fertile
  • Harvest Time: 75-80 days
  • Kingdom: Plantae 
  • Clade: Tracheophytes, Angiosperms, Eudicots, Asterids 
  • Order: Apiales 
  • Family: Apiaceae 
  • Genus: Daucus 
  • Species: D. Carota 
  • Use: Eat raw or Cooked
  • Subspecies: D. c. subsp. sativus

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