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Purple Aubergine Seeds | Eggplant - Violetta di Firenze

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Overview of Eggplant - Violetta di Firenze

The variety of this plant is one of the most common throughout the world. Fruits of medium size with an elongated shape and a deep purple colour. Similar to tomatoes in feeding. Several techniques can be used to grow aubergines, such as a greenhouse, plastic tunnel, grow bags, sheltered sunny spots, and even a tub on a patio if protected from the wind.

What You'll Love

· A Variety of 150+ Long Purple Eggplant Seeds to Grow

· Garden vegetable that is very healthy. Rich in vitamins and nutrients

· Growing this plant is easy, and it yields a lot. About 80 days after planting.

· You're guaranteed to be satisfied!

Purple Eggplant Benefits of Use

This popular, firm-fleshed variety is named for its firm flesh. Delicious sliced and drizzled with olive oil! The fruit can reach a length of 25cm (10in) and is filled with flavour.

In addition to its nutritional benefits and potential health benefits, purple eggplant is low in calories and high in fibre. Purple eggplants are nutritious and straightforward and help control blood sugar, reduce weight, and lower heart disease risk.

How to Care & Sow Purple Aubergine

Planting seeds of Aubergine Purple Violetta di Firenze is possible. Those who want to grow healthy Aubergine Purple can trust our Seeds. If they are replanted in spring, they can sometimes be harvested outside early as August. From February until mid-March, you can pre-culture your seeds in seed pots in your room. The seed compost should be evenly moistened, and it should be sown 1.5 cm deep.

Germination can take 15 to 30 days at 20 - 25 ° Celsius. Seed heating pads will provide heat to the bottom of the seedlings. It takes several days for these eggplant seeds to germinate. 

The best way to prepare the soil for Aubergine Violetta di Firenze is by incorporating the compost, as it prefers nutrient-rich soil. Make sure that your Aubergines get six hours of sunlight each day and that they are kept moist. 

Keep the soil wet by watering deeply once a week or more frequently in dry weather. Because the roots are shallow, avoid deep digging tools when the leaves are four-leafed, plant in pots, and place a light source underneath - a sheltered place with fertile soil around 20 degrees Celsius with full sun. Seeds should be planted outdoors around mid-May at a 60 x 80 cm distance.


  • USDA Zones: 5-12
  • Harvesting time: 90 days.
  • Type of soil: Loam
  • Temperature: 25 Degrees Celcius
  • Kingdom: Plantae 
  • Clade: Tracheophytes, Angiosperms, Eudicots, Asterids 
  • Order: Solanales 
  • Family: Solanaceae 
  • Genus: Solanum 
  • Species: melongena,  Violetta di Firenze 
  • Recipes: it can be grilled, stuffed, roasted, or served as soup

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