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    Here at PLANT-MY-SEEDS you pay a fraction of the price you would pay for original seeds in many seed shops. Access cheap now.

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    You will get 1A quality seeds from Ireland. Our manufacturers and we are licensed seed producers, which means we guarantee you hand-picked and hand-packed seeds. All seeds are thoroughly analyzed by us to really offer you the germinable seeds..

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    We deliver cheap and reliable first-class seeds by post. You can order from us conveniently und you will have your goods in just a few days in your hands for domestically shipping and for international shipping up to 14 days

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We are proudly to be international

PLANT-MY-SEEDS is an innovative company that will bring new trends to the gardening sector. Our unique experience, with our research team and the use of the latest technologies have allowed us to become the worlds intresting leader in the distribution of quality seed varieties in all respects that are of interest to gardeners.

We work to implant new crops with higher added value that increases the profitability of the garden, giving it its fair value. Our commitment to technology and research has made us position ourselves at the top of the sector, with unique and high-yielding seeds, which has led us to have practically exponential growth from the beginning.

By being as close as possible to our customers and partners, we create tailor-made sustainable seed solutions that allow their gardens to flourish throughout the year. We pay special attention to accompanying and advising customers at all growing stages.

How It All Started

Growing up as a German child dedicated to upholding his mother's love for nature and nurturing plants in their small garden, Volkan would watch plants flourish in his grandparent's garden in Turkey. He paid attention to the seeds they planted when visiting them each year.

He accompanied his grandfather to a Turkish bazaar one fine weekend, where they sold his first harvest. The natural cycle of planting, harvesting and planting amazed him the most. He had made his first pocket money just by taking care of the environment. Volkan realized that he didn't need to work to earn a living but take care of the environment, and everything will be okay.

This experience and the need for fresh and healthy produce inspired Volkan to start Plant My Seeds, which supplies the best, high-yield seeds for quality produce fresh from the garden.

Our Team

We are a young company, and the quality of seeds we deliver is our reason for being. We have trained professionals with extensive experience who work closely with our clients to achieve the most tremendous success.

We are focused on bringing new varieties to the market that are more productive but, above all, more rustic. We are aware that most gardens don't have soil or climate characteristics that are good for obtaining high yields, and for this reason, we work to get high-yielding seeds in adverse conditions.

But not only do we focus our efforts on obtaining the best genetics, but we also work to give greater value to the field, creating and seeking markets that demand the product obtained with our seeds due to its characteristics and advantages over the rest.

Our Mission

To sell certified seeds of excellent quality, products in balance and dynamic with the environment, providing comprehensive and efficient solutions to the garden, allowing us to contribute to a sustainable environment.

Our Vision

To be a leading, competitive, highly productive seeds vendor, satisfying the needs of our clients, committed to a better environment, guaranteeing biodiversity, focused on leadership in innovation and the application of new technologies in obtaining an environmental culture, and in better use of our resources.

Our Range Of Seeds Is Our Pride

Our main difference is the production of early varieties of seeds adapted to harsh climatic conditions. We are a key player in the sale and distribution of seeds, and we are ready to transfer this experience to various gardens.

Our specialists are constantly working to maintain and improve our genetic material, to position it on the market as the leading edge of modern genetics of exceptional quality.

Our farming solutions help you successfully grow a wide range of crops provide high productivity and the necessary crop rotation for farms of various specializations. Thus, we can meet all the economic and social needs of agricultural producers and their partners. Plant My Seeds offers seeds for the following crops: fruits, flowers, fresh vegetables, and herbs.

We also offer a wide range of cover crop seeds and companion plants. By using these proven agronomic practices, sustainable crop productivity can be achieved. Cover plants are sown before the main crop to protect the soil from weeds and pests and increase fertility.
Companion plants planted alongside the main crop help create a cohesive ecosystem, reduce the use of fertilizers, and protect the crop.
With a comprehensive approach, we are the best supplier of seeds for various crops, taking into account all the needs of agricultural producers.

Key Factors for Success

PLANT-MY-SEEDS is one of the leaders in the global seed market. It has extensive experience in this field and encourages the involvement of its employees and partners. We provide a constant stream of genetic innovations that meet the needs of farmers today and help meet the challenges of tomorrow's agriculture.

We use our knowledge and experience to improve genetic characteristics and discover new hybrids and varieties through our heritage.

Owning a garden requires a lot of dedication for the best produce. After preparing your garden, just contact us.
We will help you pick the best high-yield seeds.

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