Decorate Your Backyard Garden With Healthful And Nourishing Herbs

by Volkan Özkesici on Mar 01, 2022

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Does growing healthy herbs in your backyard garden appear attractive to you? Do you wish to include fresh and healthy herbs in your everyday meals?

What if we tell you that getting your

hands on good quality herb seeds to grow fresh herbs in your backyard garden is super easy now. 

Growing numerous herb plants in your backyard garden can help you consume nutritious foods. Fresh herbs can make any simple recipes taste ten times tastier and healthier. Including nourishing herbs in stews, salads, soups, and pasta directly from your backyard garden can make your food incredibly healthy and nutritious for you. 

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How To Grow Healthy Herbs In Your Backyard Garden? 

The newly planted and fresh herb plants require daily sunlight of more than 5-6 hours. It would help if you chose an open place. Make sure to choose a place that can directly bring sunlight to your plants and help your herb plants grow faster and healthier. 

There are various types of herbs that you can grow in your garden or in a potted plant to use later in your cooking. These herbs can help you cover the requirements of necessary nutrients in your body.

To know more about which herbs to grow and how to grow them faster, let's discuss them in brief.

There are various kinds of herbs plants that you can choose to grow in your garden. However, some of the herbs that are incredibly beneficial for you are as follows: 

Herb Basil Cinnamon

One of the popular herbs that you can find in the garden of numerous people is Basil Cinnamon

Basil Cinnamon is one of a kind treat for your garden. Basil cinnamon is a unique and different herb that is also known as Ocimum basilicumWhen added to various dishes, this popular herb is lip-smacking, is a perfect option for seasonings, and is highly useful in your garden. This herb can be used to enhance the spicy yet sweet scent of the dish and make it delectable with a unique flavour. 

Basil Cinnamon


You can buy fresh basil cinnamon seeds directly from plant-my-seeds.comHere we provide good quality basil cinnamon seeds to easily grow the charming pink blooms and red stems in your garden. 

You can also use the basil cinnamon to treat various health issues like cold, cough, digestive issues, diarrhoea, and making a tea with the basil leaves is efficient in managing high cholesterol levels, which helps manage a healthy weight.

Herb Broad-Leaved Sorrel 

Broad Leaved Sorrel is another beneficial herb that you must grow in your garden. The spring season is the best time to grow the Broad-Leaved Sorrel plant in your garden. Growing the Broad-Leaved Sorrel is super easy. To grow these herbs in your garden, you first need to buy good quality Broad-Leaved Sorrel Seeds from

Herb Broad-Leaved Sorrel Seeds

Now take these seeds and put them in a small pot. Fill the pot with compost and cover it nicely. Water, the Broad-Leaved Sorrel plant regularly and watch them grow in a period of 6 weeks to 8 weeks. 

The Broad-Leaved Sorrel plant is used in medicines. These herbs are popularly used to treat liver diseases and help prevent some kinds of cancers. It is also beneficial to lower the high blood pressure of people. These herbs are highly effective in preventing heart diseases and reducing any severe pain in your body. 

Herb Sweet Basil 

The sweet basil seeds are used in various dishes such as several types of curry, soups, and many other dishes. The planting of sweet basil seeds must be conducted at a set temperature of more or equivalent to 18 degrees Celsius or more. You can also keep the lovely basil plant indoors or on your balcony as then it will get enough light. The best quality Sweet basil seeds can easily be purchased from

Sweet Basil Seeds


While planting the sweet basil seeds in a pot, you must always make sure to plant the seeds of sweet basil at least 1 centimetre deep. 

Sweet basil contains a vast quantity of Vitamin K, which helps prevent blood clots in your body and improves overall blood circulation. Moreover, the sweet basil leaves also help make your bones stronger by increasing bone density.

Herb Bergamot Lemon

As per numerous surveys and studies, the Bergamot Lemon is incredibly beneficial in reducing health conditions of cholesterol, high blood pressure, and many other diseases. 

Bergamot Lemon Seeds


The Bergamot Lemon leaves are primarily used in various dishes for garnishing purposes. You can add them to dishes such as sorbet, marmalade, sweet curd, and many more. The Bergamot Lemon leaves can also be boiled in some hot water and can be consumed as a refreshing and sweet tea. You can also squeeze the juice of Bergamot Lemon and drizzle it over the pancakes, cookies, and more desserts for introducing an exciting flavour. To get these seeds, all you have to do is order them from

The Bergamot Lemon seeds can be kept inside doors for several initial weeks. The Bergamot Lemon plant requires 15-21 degrees Celsius temperature for the process of germination. The Bergamot Lemon seeds will grow and sprout probably in 12-40 days. 

Herb Black Henbane

The Black Henbane herbs are used as ancient medicines for reducing and relieving pain. The Black Henbane plants are also incredibly beneficial for inducing sleep for people who suffer from insomnia and sleep deprivation. 

It is majorly believed that the leaves of Black Henbane Seeds contain magic powers as they can reduce and repair any kind of pain in the body. You can easily order them from

Black Henbane Seeds

In old times these leaves were used to cause giddiness and stupor. This plant is famous for being toxic in its entirety. The Henbane seeds can be kept at a temperature below 12 degrees celsius to stress the seeds and help them grow faster. 

Herb Borage

The Borage plant is a quick and easy plant to grow in your backyard garden. The best time to sow the seeds of Borage is at least 4-3 weeks before the last frost. Make sure to be ready with the seeds before eight weeks from the first frost. The best place to buy quality Borage Seeds to grow them in your garden is to buy them from


Herb Borage Seeds

The Borage plant leaves are incredibly beneficial for eating, dried or damp. The Borage leaves help individuals to detox their bodies. These leaves also help to introduce an exciting and unique taste in the dishes, such as curry, stocks, and fresh juices. 

Herb Small Leaf Coriander

Another famous and beneficial plant is the Small Leaf Coriander plant. The Small Leaf Coriander leaves are a herb that is used for various health benefits and is a major component in most authentic Indian recipes. The leaves of Coriander are used to garnish over dishes. It enhances the sweet-spicy flavour in a dish and brings a hint of freshness and nature's goodness to the meal. 

Leaf Coriander Seeds

The Coriander leaves contain beta-carotene, antioxidants, folate, and many other beneficial components as well. You can easily buy the best quality Small Leaf Coriander seeds at

The Coriander leaves are known to reduce stress, keep eye vision clear, and maintain glowy skin. As per the survey, these leaves contain high amounts of potassium, calcium, niacin, phosphorus, and more. 

Moreover, these leaves are used for boosting immunity, aiding proper kidney function, and treating digestive issues. The seeds of Coriander will take at least 15-18 degrees celsius for fast-growing. 

Herb Basil Classic Italian

The Basil Classic Italian plant has numerous beneficial aspects. The Basil Classic Italian plant leaves can treat and protect us from diverse diseases. These leaves can make your skin glow and reduce acne from your body and face by detoxifying your body. 

The Basil Classic Italian plant contains natural oil that helps extract excess impurities, oil, and other harmful things from the face. It can also treat skin dryness and reduce swelling and water retention from the face. You can easily order them from

How To Take Care Of Your Herbs?

There are numerous ways to take care of one plant or more than 20 plants in the garden. We at will guide you with various tips and ways to help your plants grow faster and healthier. 

Let's start discussing the ways to make your plants look fresh and healthy. 

Water Them Consistently 

To keep the herb plants fresh and alive, you must water them consistently every day. Every plant has a special water requirement, and you must keep a note of it. 

Make sure to water a plant according to its requirement of water. For instance, some of the plants require water twice or thrice a day. However, some plants require water only once a day. Therefore, one must always keep the quantity of water as per the needs.

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Sunlight Is The Key 

Other than water, one thing that is for sure important is the sunlight. Almost all the plants require sunlight and time to process. Keeping the plants under sunlight can help them grow easier and sunlight. Your plants become healthier when they are sun-kissed.

Choose The Right Quality Seeds

It all starts with a seed, so choosing the right seeds is the first and most important step. You can get the best quality of herb seeds from

Final Thoughts 

To ensure smooth and easy growth of the plants, you must make sure to reach and buy good quality seeds and other things at a reasonable price. Grow various herbs in your garden and enjoy the delectable taste of the nourishing herbs. Introducing a herby flavour to your dishes can make your everyday meal super exciting and delicious.